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10kW Solar Kit with micro inverter

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10kW Grid Tied Solar Kit with Micro Inverter

This kit is for connecting with the grid power. Excellent for net metering project. Easy to expand with more panels and inverters.
Maximize the performance of each panel. If one panel shade by the snow or tree, it does not affect the other panels performance.

This system can generate about 17000 kWh per year.

Solar kit includes:
32 x Canadian Solar 315W mono solar panel 66"x39" (10,080W)
8 x AP systems QS1 micro inverter
2 x end cap
8 x APS 2m bus cable
1 x APS unlock tool

AP systems ECU (online monitoring)
Sloped roof mount racking (4 row 8 panels, portrait), price may be change with different layout.

*Contact us for shipping rate.
Local pick up available.

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