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320W mono Solar Panel Grade B

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New 320W Mono Solar Panel Grade B (Made in Ontario)

The panels are new from the manufacturer. Grade B panel have the same output as grade A panel. There may be cells not align, tapping wire across the cell, dirt on the glass,..... Some of them look perfect. It is cosmetic deflective, not electrical. All the solar panels were tested and working well. There is no spec sticker at the back of the panel and no warranty for grade B solar panel.

It is good for off grid installation, not suitable for grid tied installation.

$173 each

$155 each for a skid of 26 panels

$149 per panel for 2 skids or more

*Local pickup available.

We ship for min. 8 pcs or more. Please contact us for shipping rate. 

320 Watt Solar Panel


Dimensions67" x 39" x 1.5"
Weight40 lbs
FrameAnodized Black Aluminum Alloy Frame


Watts (STC)320 W

Max Power Voltage (VMPP)32.88V
Max Power Current (IMPP)9.74 A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)40.10V
Short Circuit Current (ISC)10.32 A
Max System VoltageDC 1000 V

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