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50W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

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50W 12V solar panel
Part Number: SE-MONO-50W
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SolarEngine 50W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel

  • Good for 12V battery charging
  • UV protection
  • All weather protection
  • Moisture protection
  • Corrosive protection

Electrical Characteristics:

Rated Power50 W
Solar CellsGrade A Mono-crystalline, 4 x 9 cells
Max. power voltage, Vm17.82V
Max. power current, Im2.81A
Open circuit voltage (Voc)21.96V
Open circuit current (Isc)3.17A
Cell efficiency17%
Max. system voltage1000VDC
Temp. Coefficient of rated power-0.48%/°C
Temp. Coefficient of Voc-0.347%/°C
Temp. Coefficient of Isc0.055%/°C
Operating Temperature-40°C ... +85°C
Mechanical Load5400Pa

*Measured at standard test conditions: 25°C, AM1.5, 1000W/m2

Mechanical Characteristics:

Dimensions24.75x21.25x1.2 inch
Weight3.85kg (8.5 lbs)
Cable50cm cable with MC4 connector
FrameAnodized aluminium
Bypass diodes2
GlassHigh Transmission Tempered Glass
Back sheetTPT

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