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5.9 kW Off Grid Solar Kit

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5.94 kW Off Grid Solar Kit

Suitable for cottage or house. Able to run refrigerator, TV, pump, lights, stove, microwave and home applicances.

The kit include the following:

  •      18 x Canadian Solar 330W mono solar panel CS1H-330MS (5940 W)
  •          Magnum 100A MPPT charge controller PT-100
  •          6 pairs 15ft MC4 #10 solar cable
  •          Midnite MNPV12-250 combiner with 6 x 15A 300VDC breaker
  •          100A DC breaker
  •          Magnum 4400W 48V 120V/240V inverter/charger MS4448PAE
  •          Magnum ME-ARC Advanced remote display
  •          Magnum pre-wired E-panel with 175A breaker
  •          a pair 5ft gauge 2/0 battery-inverter cable
        1. 16 x Surrette S550 428Ah 6V battery and battery cables
         2. 16 x Surrette S6-460 415Ah 6V AGM battery and cables
         3.  3 x LiFePOwer 100Ah 48V 5.12kWh battery with 2/0 cable

       *We ship across Canada. Please contact us for the shipping rate.

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