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Epsolar 20A Waterproof Charge Controller

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Epsolar 20A Waterproof Solar Charge Controller
Part Number: LS2024100EPLI
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•  PWM charging
•  Battery type selection: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User(programmable).
•  Maximum output efficiency of 96%
•  Output current adjustable
•  Flexible dimming function(0-100%)
•  Digital precision constant current control
•  Real-time energy statistics function
•  Battery temperature compensation function
•  Fully encapsulated PCB, IP68 protection
•  Aluminum housing for better cooling
•  Easy to check system working status via Mobile APP

Electronic protections: 
• PV reverse polarity protection 
• Battery over voltage protection 
• Battery over discharge protection 
• Battery overheating protection 
• Battery reverse polarity protection 
• Load short circuit protection

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