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PAKwall 5 kWh Lithium Battery

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Your Price: $7,500.00
Part Number: LP48100WFB
Availability: In Stock.
PAKwall 5 kWh Lithium Energy Storage

- Designed and assembled in Canada
- Maintain essential functions while under power outage
- Reduce anxiety
- Add comfort and security
- Peak load shifting program
- Renewable energy connection
- Clean and zero emissions
- Modular, scalable (up to 300kWh per group)
- Suitable for home, cottage, office, trailer, RV, boat, workshop and communication installations

The PAKwall: The standard assembly includes the LFP cells, connectors, a steel case, a BMS with LCD screen, terminal box and instructions
BMS: Full control of the charge and discharge each cell. The display screen screen provides a quick of state of charge SOC, temperature, consumption and other valuable information to protect your investment.

 Part number LP48100WFB
 Cells chemistry LiFePO4
 Nominal voltage 51.2 V
 Amp Hours 100 Ah
 Charge voltage 58.0 V
 Maximum voltage 59.2 V
 Minimum voltage 40.0 V
 Energy stored 5120 Wh
 Rated current 100A
 Max. continuous current  125A
 Cycle life up to 2000 cycles at 80% DOD 
 Weight of battery 110 lbs
 Weight of system 196 lbs
 Enclosure Hammond 3R, 14 gauge
 Dimensions 30" x 20" x 10"

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