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Soladeck Roof Mount Enclosure Combiner Box

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Soladeck Roof Mount Enclosure Combiner Box AC DC
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SolaDeck is a PV wire enclosure and seamless flashed product all in one. SolaDeck eliminates the multiple parts and respective labor typically needed to accomplish the roof penetration for a weather-tight wiring passageway into the home.

Unique in the solar industry, SolaDeck is designed with a seamless flashing consistent with standard roofing practices for roof penetration. All SolaDeck models are third party tested by ETL to the UL50 Type 3R and UL1741 standards. This ensures high quality and reliability of every model.

All SolaDeck enclosures feature:

  • 18 gauge galvanized steel
  • Powder coated finish
  • Seamless stamped construction
  • Three roof deck knockouts (½", ¾", 1")
  • Five center points for entry or exit
  • Two position ground block
  • Flashes in the roof system
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Listed to respective UL standards

These are NEMA 3R enclosures that give a flashed roof penetration for the array cables. They are all made from 18 gauge galvanized steel with a powder coated finish providing a professional look. All have a dual ground lug, a 6" (150 mm) universal DIN rail to mount fuse holders or terminal blocks. There are three roof deck knockouts (½", ¾" and 1"), and dimples to center a punch or drill for entry conduit or fittings, as well as a built-in roof flashing.

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