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Xantrex Freedom SW System Control Panel

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Xantrex Freedom SW System Control Panel SCP
Part Number: XantrexFreedomSCP 809-0921
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Xantrex Freedom SW System Control Panel

Specifically designed to operate with the NEW Generation Freedom SW Inverter/Chargers - 12V & 24V (part# 815-2012, 815-3012, 815-2024 and 815-3024).

Use the System Control Panel for quick and comprehensive control of the Freedom SW Inverter/Charger.

The Xanbus System Control Panel (SCP) features a graphical, backlit LCD screen that displays system configuration and diagnostic information in one central location. Large keypad buttons, an intuitive onscreen menu system, and plain text status messages make it easy to configure and operate. By providing basic controls for other devices connected to the network, the SCP reduces the complexity of separate control panels for each device.

The SCP is Xanbus Enabled and easily connects to Freedom SW Inverter/Charger and other devices with off-the-shelf network cables, making installation quick and easy. Built-in flash memory makes the SCP’s software upgradeable to take advantage of new features and system enhancements.

  • Graphical 128x64 pixel LCD display
  • Large, tactile keys
  • Meets UL458 regulatory standards
  • Control and display of multiple networked devices
  • Xanbus Enabled

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