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Xantrex X-power 5000W Modified Sine Inverter

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Xantrex X-power 5000W Modified Sine Inverter
Part Number: X-power 5000W
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The XPower Inverter 5000 is a powerful, modified sine wave inverter that connects easily to a 12-volt battery to provide up to 5000 watts of AC power for demanding applications. This inverter is ideal for customers requiring power to operate heavy duty and multiple applications. Designed with a small footprint and for easy installation in your truck, service vehicle, RV, or boat. The XPower Inverter 5000 is the most powerful model in the XPower inverter lineup. Additionally, it meets the stringent UL458 regulatory requirements.

  • Product Features

    • 4000 watts continuous power output
    • 5000 watts for 5 minutes
    • 10,000 watts surge (peak power)
    • Portable power for AC products rated up to 5000 watts
    • Four GFCI AC outlets, each equipped with a 20-amp breaker
    • High surge capacity for products with demanding start up requirements
    • High efficiency – converts virtually all the battery’s available power to AC
    • Easy-to-read digital display shows battery voltage, current, and AC power
    • Easy to access AC hardwire
    • Heavy duty input bolt connectors
    • UL 458 Approval
  • Protection Features

    • Overload and over temperature shutdown
    • Over voltage protection (15.5 VDC)
    • Low voltage alarm (11.0 VDC)
    • Low voltage cut-out (10.5 VDC)
    • AC backfeed

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